If you have not already completed the Participant Survey, please try to do so while the video plays.
If you have not already created a Wikispaces account, you will be able to do that when you create a new wikispace following the basics.

Intro Video

Key Attributes of Wikis

  • Fosters Collaboration -- encourages participation and contribution by individuals or groups
  • Easy to Edit -- quick learning curve for users, even adults!
  • Manageable Environment
    • Allows for multiple editors, but content is recoverable in the event of a mistake or vandalism.
    • Access can be controlled in terms of who can view and who can edit; may be toggled to provide a limited editing window
    • Discussion feature in Wikispaces provides asynchronous conversation among editors, and can allow visitors to comment even if they cannot edit the wiki.

Wiki Lingo

The term wiki comes from the Hawaiian word wiki-wiki which means quick.

Wiki Teaching Tips

OK, not just for wikis, but these attributes will increase the learning dividends.
  • Be sure that collaboration figures prominently in your project. Consider any of the following, but mix it up.
    • Working in small groups
    • Open collaboration (large group, self-selected collaboration)
    • Publishing student work for real, authentic audience -- with opportunity for feedback and on-going discussion
    • Working with students at a distance
      • different regions, cultures, even other languages
      • different perspectives
      • different grades
  • Provide opportunities for creativity and self-expression.
  • Provide guidelines and expectations for contributing to the wiki.
    • Rubrics
    • Policies
    • Formats
    • Goals
  • Engage your students with meaningful work.
    • Challenge them with essential questions
    • Identify relevant, authentic problems and challenges to tackle
    • Expect them to think deeply and defend their reasoning
  • Set parameters, but cede as much as control to students as possible.
    • Responsibility
    • Self-direction
    • Decision-making
    • Ownership

Education Uses

  • Writing Projects with Peer Editing and Reader Feedback
  • Group Project Work and Presentation
  • Sharing Resources
  • Cross-Class Teams from Grade Level or Discipline
  • Professional Development
  • Easily Developed Website
  • Peer-Reviewed Project Work
  • Policy and Guideline Production and Access
  • Research, Debate, and Discussion
  • Teacher and/or Student Collaboration -- locally and/or globally
  • Post Classroom Assignments and Project Information
  • T.H.E. Journal Article: 3 Challenges to Wiki Use in Education
  • See Real Examples on the Resources Page

Determine Your Purpose (What's in Your Wiki?)

  • Use with Students?
  • Use for Professional Development?
  • Use with Colleagues?
  • Other?

Quick Pair-Share

The purpose of this activity is to help you articulate your idea and to possibly get additional ideas you may be able to use.
  1. Take a yellow sticky from one of the pads on each table.
  2. On both sides opposite from the sticky end, write in large capital letters an S if your wiki will be used primarily with Students, a C if it will be used primarily with Colleagues, PD if it will be for Professional Development, or a capital O if you have another educational use in mind.
  3. Now consider your experience with wikis. On the same sticky note, draw a single STAR in front of the letter(s) on both sides of the sticky if you have relatively little or virtually no experience with wikis. If you have some experience with wikis and/or are relatively comfortable with working on wikis, draw two stars on either side of the letter(s) on both sides of your sticky note. Your sticky should look something like this (on both sides):2StarPD-Sticky.jpg
  4. Now stick your sticky on the back of your laptop screen so it sticks up and the letter(s) and stars can be seen above the screen from either side.
  5. Pair up in less than 15 seconds! Quickly look around you and find someone whose relative experience and/or intended users are similar to yours. When you find your partner share your first names only! GO!

Get a Stopwatch like this or make your own! At: Online Stopwatch*
  • 6. Now briefly share your idea for your wiki with each other. You only have 1 minute each -- a total of 2 minutes only. Share just the highlights of your idea for a wiki -- GO!

Get a Stopwatch like this or make your own! At: Online Stopwatch*
  • 7. OK! Return to your seat. There will be another opportunity later to mingle and share as needed.

Session Procedures

  • Need Help?

    • Keep your sticky on the SIDE of your laptop screen for now. If you need assistance or get lost, move your sticky to the TOP of your laptop screen to signal that you need help. One of the presenters will come to you as soon as possible.
  • Back Channel Discussion

    • http://todaysmeet.com/whipupawiki
    • You are invited and encouraged to post relevant comments, questions, observations, issues,
      etc. to the backchannel using TodaysMeet.com. The backchannel will be monitored to
      respond as needed and adjust where possible during the session.
  • Session Discussion Forum

  • Session Evaluation

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