Creating New Pages, Links, and Navigation

Two Ways to Create a New Page

Click the "New Page" selection at the top of the Navigation Menu.

This immediately puts you in edit mode for the new page. Create some content -- just a page title will do for now -- and the page is created. If you are working on a new wiki and have not customized the Navigation Menu ( page), the new page will automatically appear in the Navigation Menu in the order the page was created. Of course, you may not want to create the pages in exactly the order you want them to appear in the Navigation Menu. In that case you will want to customize the Navigation Menu (see below).
Make an Internal Link to a page that hasn't yet been created.
Type the page name anywhere while in edit mode. Highlight the name, then click Insert Link InsertLink.png in the Floating Editor to bring up the Insert Link window:
The page name will already be inserted in the field because you had selected it beforehand so all you have to do is click the "Add Link" button. This creates a "Wanted" page -- one that doesn't yet exist but there is a link to it.


Customizing Navigation

You can use the first method above to create new pages and allow the Navigation Menu to automatically poplulate in the order the pags were created, or you can control the menu as follows:
  • Click the "edit navigation" link at the bottom of the Navigation Menu. It will look just like you are editing a regular wiki page. If you have a brand new wiki, you will see the "include pageList" widget block -- delete it.
  • List your pages in the order you want them to appear, and make internal links as shown in the second method above. You don't have to use the exact name in the menu as long as you link to the page itself.
  • See the dividers in the Nav Menu on this wiki? See if you can do something similar.

External Links

Use the same Insert Link window to create an external link -- just click the External Link tab to do so.
Copy the URL in the Address field and click the "Add Link" button. That's all it takes.

You Try It!

  • Decide on 2 or 3 pages you'll need for your wiki. Create them with or without initial content (a page title will do for now) using one of the methods above.
  • Then create at least one external link on your home page. For now, create a link to the Whip Up a Wiki home page. Copy that URL, then Insert Link and use the External Link window shown above.