Individual Wiki Work

Now it's time to put it together on your own wiki. Feel free to try things out if you don't yet have real content that fits your educational purpose, but if you do that's great!


If possible, try to include the followiing:
  • One text format -- a heading, a style or color change, etc.
  • Two links:
    • One or more internal page links
    • At least one external link to another website
  • Insert one image or file
  • Insert one video or other widget


Take the opportunity to exchange experience and ideas with others around you. Use the Sticky Notes to find those working on wikis for similar audiences or users or who have the same relative experience with wikis. If you discover something worth sharing, try to take a moment to post it in the Discussion thread on the Whip Up a Wiki Home page.


I will circulate while you work, but if you need assistance, don't wait. Move your Sticky Note to the top of your laptop screen so I know you need help. If your question is general in nature and/or can wait for a later response, post it in the Discussion thread on the Whip Up a Wiki Home page or post it to the BackChannel in case others in the session might be able to answer before I get to you.

Sharing & Feedback

If you are willing to share what you have done so far, please add a link to your wiki on the Sharing Your Wiki page. You will first have to request membership in this wiki. I will be approving all requests in time for you to post your wiki before the end of the workshop. Copy your wiki's URL, then click Edit on the Sharing page and insert the link to your wiki. As you look at the wikis of others, comment in the Discussion Tab on that page to provide feedback.

Follow Up

You are all invited to become Members of this wiki and to use it for professional development in your own schools and districts. Just click the "Join this Wiki" link at the top of the Navigation Menu and I will approve you as a Member. You will be able to edit and add to this wiki as needed for your training purposes. All I ask is that you send me an email to let me know when you plan to use it.


Try to incorporate at least one of these suggested extensions on the previous pages: