Simple Editing

Editing Basic Text

Click the Edit ButtonEditButton.jpg
This may look different depending on the theme of your wiki -- more on that later.
The floating editor allows you to format text and more.
From left to right: Bold, Italic, Underline, Font Color/Style — Heading Level — Number List, Bullet List, Horizontal Rule — Make Hyperlink, Remove Hyperlink — Insert File or Image, Insert Widget, Insert Table, Insert Special Character, Insert Code — Toggle between Visual Editor and Text Editor, Preview, Save, Cancel
Type a title for your home page. Then write a sentence or two about the purpose for your wiki.
Format the title to your liking. If you wish, change the format of your paragraph.
Make a bullet list of pages you might want in your wiki. No commitment -- these can change later...
Be sure to SAVE when you finish. And check your work. You can always go back and edit some more...


Want a Table of Contents? Here's how. Simply type the following on a line by itself near or at the top of your page:
Nothing will appear until you save your work. Then, any Headings you have designated using the Heading Level drop down menu in the floating Editor will appear in the Table of Contents box at the top of your page. If you use more than one heading level, the display will be indented to indicate relative rank of headings. Simple, eh?